Zoom in 12 scary dynamic images that captured the molting process of animals

The molting process of animals that you may not know.
Many people will shudder when watching the molting process of , snakes, spiders, … in the dynamic images below. During the shedding of the snake, they will lie and slowly bend the body to remove the old coat from the beginning to the end.

The geckoes will rub themselves to peel off their bodies’s shell. Every year, the geckos skin was stripped several times because the old skin is not enough elastic with the development of the body. After the molting, geckos will eat their skin as a source of food supplement with vitamins.

The molting process of Scorpions

The molting process of a spider.

The molting process of a spider.

A worm is molting .

The tadpoles

The tadpoles come out from the back to get rid of old corpses.

After molting, tadpoles will lie in one place for several hours to let skin be dry to fly

Molting is the way in which some animals change or renew a part of their body in a specific time of the year or of their lives.

This phenomenon can happen to mammals, insects, birds or reptiles. For example dogs lose part of their hair during the warmest periods of the year. The old hair is replaced by a new one, which is lighter.

Birds also change their feathers according to the temperature and also when they reach maturity. Sometimes, molting causes other change in their behaviour, for example hens stop laying eggs for a while before molting.

Some reptiles, like snakes, change their skin when this has become too old and has grown too much. They rub their head against a hard object like a rock and they manage to remove it all after a while.

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