Best Fiends Game Unlimited Gold for Android iOS 2018

Best Fiends Game Review

It’s time for you to try Best Fiends! A puzzle game with 500 different levels which offer a fun and exciting story. The game was touted as a semi-RPG and has been used by more than 500,000 users. In the beginning, you will help Temper (the main character) to gather strength to defeat the main enemy, Slugs. Slugs into evil creatures in Minutia’s world because of a strange force from a meteor that hit its home. To destroy that power, Temper must grow and find a special power.

Best Fiends Hack Tool

Best Fiends Game Unlimited Gold

The game offers five different characters that you can encounter in certain levels. Same with other puzzle type game, this game asks you to swipe the type of goods and the same color in the puzzle. Each type of item and color affect the strength of character that you use. If you use Temper, then you have to swipe more tangible goods and green leaves that grow Temper strength. But if you use Kwincy character, you need to swipe as many flower-shaped items. The more you swipe of goods according to your character, the more easily you kill enemies that confront at every level.

In each level, you will try to get the key to unlocking the secret places with a different reward. Maybe you will get a new character, level-ups, and also gold as a currency. Most gamers will spend the time to play this game continuously. The sad thing is when you’re stuck, lost lives to continue the game, and didn’t find new characters with ease. You will think of buying gold provide by game developers so that you can easily upgrade.

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Various surprises are waiting for you. Slugs will not be willing to see you master the fight. It’s time to build strength and pass through a fantastic adventure with courageous!

Our Best Fiends Hack Tool will offer you:

  • unlimited amount of gold
  • unlock more characters
  • get special power and level ups your character
  • get more experience through new events and exciting location

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