The most dangerous island in the world, people are prohibited from setting foot on the island : 5 snakes per 1 square meter

An island is flooded with snakes, so dangerous that no one is allowed to set foot.
An island is flooded with snakes, so dangerous that no one is allowed to set foot.

Referring to Brazil, we think of football, the cafe, and the Amazon forest, which are notorious for their struggles to survive in the largest ecosystem in the world.

But scary nature in Brazil is not only Amazon. Off the coast of Sao Paulo about 32km has an island more terrible than Amazon many times.

The island is quite large, about 430,000m2, and is known as the most dangerous island in the world. The government has to issued a ban on anyone on the island, whether locals or tourists.

Ilha da Queimada Grande Island

The island is called Ilha da Queimada Grande, but no one remembers that name anymore. They call it a “Snake Island”.

Called the “Snake Island,” of course the island was flooded with snakes. Statistically, the amount of snakes on the island is so high that, on average, you will face five snakes per one square meter.

It is not too bad, if the snakes are only ten centimeters long and no poison. Unfortunately, the snakes on Queimada Grande are not only big, but they are also poisonous deadly.

Golden lancehead viper.

According to a post in National Geographic, Queimada Grande is the only place where golden lancehead viper appears – one of the world’s most endangered snakes. Its venom is classified as horrible, which can melt the skin.

The snake anthropomorphism is abundant, but the inhabitants are particularly close to the island usually tells two stories. The first is a fisherman accidentally set foot on the island to cut bananas. He was bitten (of course), but was still on the boat and seemed to be smoking the snake out of his mouth. After that, his body was found on a bloody boat.

The second story is about the family operating the last lighthouse on the island. One night, the violent snake suddenly crawled through the window, attacking the family of two spouses and three children. Desperate to run, but all efforts are futile when the snakes ambushed on tree.

90% of snakebite deaths in Brazil are caused by this snakes species.

After too many unsuccessful recommendations, the Brazilian government has imposed a ban on the foolish attempting to set foot on the island. Only scientists with special dresses are allowed to come here to research.

Even so, the ban would not stop poachers. It is known that the golden species is very expensive on the black market- not less than $ 30,000 ( over 660million)

The reason why these snakes are so venomous is still unknown. In fact, the snake has some relatives out of the mainland, but no species have such terrible venom.

Some hypotheses, most notably the sea level rise of 11,000 years ago, caused the island to become isolated. The snakes are trapped here with a limited food supply. Very few venomous snakes are powerful enough to effect after a bite. Some species even need several days, poisonous enough to absorb to kill bait. In the case of this snake, food that is not only rare but also run after biting is indeed tragic.

Therefore, they need to evolve to produce a more horrific poison that allows them to kill their prey after a bite. It is five times more dense than normal snake venom, which can melt human flesh if exposed.