Best Tips for PSN Code Generator 2018 – Get PSN Codes Without Survey

PSN Code Generator 2018: Get Free PSN Codes No Survey – Everyone always looks for the free option for almost everything and PSN is no exception. Sony Interactive Entertainment launched PlayStation Network which later was abbreviated to PSN in November 2006 and now has successfully gained interest more than 100 million users in the world. At first, PSN was only available for the PlayStation console but then it expanded and later became accessible for smartphones, blu-ray players, tablets as well as HD TVs.

Basically, PlyaStation Network is a service for an online marketplace called PlayStation Store. In short, PSN is basically a premium subscription service and basically people use it to improve their gameplay experience. PSN has some social features like rentals, movie streaming, music streaming via PlayStation music, gaming service via PlayStation Now and PlayStation video purchasing. Just like in the case of e-commerce websites such as, or iTunes, you can also get free PSN codes online. The methods we will tell you later will not ask you to spend a single penny but only to do easy and simple tasks. So, scroll down and ready free PSN codes 2018 to find out!

Free PSN Codes 2018

Free PSN Codes 2018

What You Need To Know About Sony PlayStation Network Outage

If you have known PSN long enough, you have probably heard of the outage tragedy that was experienced by Sony PlayStation Network. If you have just recently discovered PSN then you are in for a really good story. On April 20, 2011, PSN and Sony’s Qrioricity media streaming service suddenly just stopped working without warning. Later on, Sony explained that apparently “certain PSN functions were down” and they promised they would give more information soon. On the next day, Sony found out that there was an external intrusion which had affected its Qrioricity service as well as its PlayStation Network and that it was the reason why they had to turn off the service in order to do a thorough investigation and to ensure a secure operation. On the 23th of April, Sony had fixed the system by re-building it. Sony then provide no further information and stayed mysterious.

However, on April 26 Sony told over 75 million PlayStation Network users  by saying that there was a compromise of personal information which had been the result of apparently illegal intrusion on Sony’s system. The compromise apparently happened sometime from April 17 to 19 which involved quite a lot of personal information as in names, birthdays, addresses, Qrioricity/PSN login names as well as passwords and even users’ transactional histories. Sony further explained that credit card information might have been obtained too. So, that’s what happened to the one and only time Sony experience d such tragedy that affected all of its users.

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Ways to Earn Free PSN Codes?

Now, you have to be aware that there are dozens of scammers out there who are just out to get you. So, if you ever stumble upon any random generator sites you better keep scrolling and ignore it because there is no such thing as free PSN generator 2018 that really works 100% and authentic or else you will committing a fraud. However, these methods we will show you will not make you do irritating tasks. So, basically you won’t find free PSN code generator no survey 2018 or free PSN code generator no human verification here.

Principally, you shouldn’t trust any website that pops up first on your search especially if it looks suspicious. Just because a website pops up first doesn’t always mean it’s legitimate because scammers have found a way to force their generator sites to emerge on the top of search engine rankings for some time with black hat SEO. To make you even surer that there is no such thing as an authentic PSN codes generator no survey, let us tell you that PlayStation once tweeted on twitter: “PSN code generators are scams. Don’t fall for it.”

  • Look for Free PSN Code Giveaway Sites

There are a lot of giveaway sites that are always ready to give you amazing rewards such as gift cards as well as Free PSN codes 2018 in exchange of doing simple tasks like signing up or just watch their videos. You might think that maybe these giveaway sites are not really your thing but you will soon find yourself on the hunt for them because let’s face it, PlayStation store sets a really mean price for every single one of their item. If you still don’t want to visit giveaway websites, you can watch youtubers’ videos instead.

PSN Code Giveaway

PSN Code Giveaway

There are a lot of Youtubers who occasionally do a PSN code giveaway every now and then and the requirements to enter are quite simple. You simply have to watch their videos, subscribe and maybe like their videos and give a comment or two. Moreover, your chance of winning a giveaway is way more significant if the giveaway happens to be sponsored by a real company as well as someone who is a social media influence. They basically have a reputation or image and if they do a fake giveaway, they will lose fans and clients in a heartbeat.

You can start by following tech channels or gaming channels that support giveaways for Steam Wallet, Google Play Store, Amazon gift card and even PSN codes. You can also find giveaways on Reddit in /r/giveaways. Here is how you can find subreddit for PSN codes:

When you have selected a certain subreddit for PSN codes, copy down URL and go to Google. Then type in the following keyword in the search bar, “PSN code site:” (without quotes). If you do these things, google can search Free PSN codes Generator on Reddit. Note that you need to use the toolbar and choose recent searches not older than one month before because obviously a one year old giveaway is no longer valid, right?

Here are some subreddits that hold PSN codes giveaways:

  • Use Points Sites

Reward websites are always a good and legit option for you to get free PSN codes No Survey. These generators are all just scamming you. While you might feel like you are not being scammed, but you are. Every time you click on their generator link they will redirect you to a new website and just like that those scammers earn roughly from $2 to $5 and you have successfully been tricked. The longer you stay in their websites, the more money they will get and you will end up with nothing. So, it is always better for you to visit genuine reward websites instead. You will only need to register for a new account and earn points. Then you can exchange those points for Free PSN codes. Here are a list of websites that you can visit:

  • PrizeRebel
  • PointsPrizes
  • GrabPoints

Note that, these websites might not be working on some countries but if you live in the USA, Europe, Canada or Australia you are more likely eligible for this. You can also share these sites’ links to your media social accounts and every time  one of your friend sign up and earn points you will also get like 30% of their points for good.

  1. PSN Code Generator Sites

PSN Code Generator 2018

PSN Code Generator 2018

While they give you the PSN codes right away but it is much better and 100% real than those PSN Code Generator which say they will give you PSN codes straight away. Look for people who might be selling their Free PSN codes using real PSN Code Generator no survey  because they are no longer interested or any other scenario. You can find such chances on Reddit or eBay. On Reddit you can go to subreddit like /r/PSNcodes to find someone selling or trading their PSN codes for other goods.

So, that’s the list of free PSN codes 2018. You can try every single one of this method so you can collect not just one or two but ten Free PSN codes. Remember that there is no such thing as free PSN codes no human verification because they are all just pure scam.

Free PSN Codes Proof 1

Free PSN Codes Proof 1

Free PSN Codes Proof 2

Free PSN Codes Proof 2

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PlayStation Hidden facts

PlayStation has undergone many developments but it all always goes back to its first installment in 1994 in Japan. PlayStation really revolutionized the game industry and gave you all classic titles like Resident Evil, Tekken or Gran Turismo. As of 2018, PlayStation turns 24. For something as old as this one, Sony PlayStation sure has some information that may not be too well known by its users.

  1. Ken Kuturagi, the father of PlayStation, started off his video game career by designing the SPC700 sound chip for SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).
  2. Sony also talked about the possibility of creating a console with America’s sega in the early 90’s. However, Sega Japan refused the notion.
  3. Most consoles were in the form of flat joypads in the early 80s and 90s.
  4. PlayStation hardware have been updated several times, removed defunct and expensive features so they would spend less on production.
  5. Motor Toon Grand Prix was developed by a team called Poly’s and it was the first and major game that Sony developed.

So, there you go folks! Make use of all these free PSN codes methods by using PSN Code Generator 2018 that we have laid out for you and hopefully the other information benefits you in some way too. Happy gaming!t

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