Mobile Legends Free Diamonds Guide For Android With Proof 2018

Mobile Legends Hack Free Diamonds With Proof 2018 – You need this Mobile Legends hack if you are players who love MOBA. Yes, people are just impressed with this game since the first released last year. This game is very addictive among mobile users these days. As you can see, MOBA games have been through their best shape now. Mobile Legends is placed at the top ranking by the way. It isn’t a surprise when you also see many hackers who hack the game for some reasons. Mobile Legends become so popular now and own many loyal players all over the world. This article convinces you that hacking Mobile Legends will make the game more interesting than you just spend your cash.

About Mobile Legends Game

Did you hear about MOBA? It is the main gameplay of Mobile Legends. MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena game. The developer that is also as the publisher of Mobile Legends is Moonton. The game is designed for mobile phone, including Android and iOs. MOBA is kind of trends among mobile phone players now. So, Moonton doesn’t want to miss this chance. It offers very special game to us so that we can play with our friends and other players all over the world through internet connection.

Mobile Legends Hack Proof 2018

Mobile Legends Hack Proof 2018

For your information, it also had a controversy with other MOBA developer in PC, Riot Games. This developer publishes and develops a MOBA game in PC called League of Legends. In July 2017, Moonton was charged by Riot Games for several trademarks in the game such as some Heroes and map of LOL named Summoned Rift. This issue is like a blade with two edges. It also increases the number of the players of Mobile Legends significantly. On another hand, it is also like a punch in the face for Moonton so that some haters call this game as plagiarist in MOBA gameplay. In other words, some Moonton games were in a copyright issue. But, this developer keeps claiming that its copyright has already been enrolled and protected in some countries all over the world.

  • Mobile Legends Gameplay

Now, we come inside the gameplay of the game. It is so necessary for you to know the gameplay before using our Mobile Legends Cheats. We have stated about MOBA several times above. Yes, it is the core of Mobile Legends. You will be in one of two opposing teams and fight each other in order to destroy the base of their enemy. Each team consists of five players. So, every battle contains ten players who are fighting in a team. Their movements are based on three lanes of the map. They are top, middle and bottom. The goal is to destroy enemy base.

Each player has to control an avatar called Hero. They control their hero through their device and try to make teamwork plays to defeat the enemies. On the path of their heroes, there are some weaker bots called minions. If their heroes die, they will be out from the game for certain seconds before they will revive at their base. The lanes of each team have some turrets, which work as same as the towers. That is all about the gameplay of Mobile Legends.

  • Mobile Legends Heroes

The game has some game modes. The first one is just a normal mode where you can play with mobile legends heroes for free. This is like a public game that doesn’t affect the rank of the players. The second one is called brawl mode. Unlike the normal mode, the players will be in different map. It does only have one lane in the middle. This game mode is faster than the normal mode. But, it still doesn’t affect the rank of the players. There is also a mode that you can play with bots or computers.

The most interesting mode is called ranked mode. This mode is tougher than others since players may lose a star and their ranks if they lose a game. The ranks here refer to the level of the players. So, the beginners will be matched with other beginners. The game seems fair with this game mode. It is also so challenging to reach the highest rank called Mythical Glory. Moonton just increased the levels from Legend to Mythic and Mythical Glory now. Let’s move to more important information, the game currency.

  • Game Currency

There are only two important things that you may know in Mobile Legends hack. Yeah, they are the battle points and diamonds. Those are also the game currency since you can buy everything with them such as skins and heroes. Skins mean that the appearances of the heroes. You may have the same heroes with others. But, your heroes will be more unique and luxurious if you use their skins. Meanwhile, the developer doesn’t present all heroes in ranked match. So, the players must buy the heroes in order to play the rank. This is where everything doesn’t feel fair anymore. People with more heroes may have greater chance to reach top easily. Meanwhile, the players who never buy any heroes will have much difficulty to grind their levels.

You need to realize that the players who want to buy skins and heroes must have much battlepoints that you can collect after winning a match. But, the prize is just so expensive. The diamond also does the same. This is the most expensive currency of the game. It is also why we make this Mobile Legends hack. In other words, you can cut down the wasted time to buy everything you need. The latest report says that the skin can increase the damage of the heroes. This game currency and mechanic forces us to do some hacks so that Mobile Legends will be fairer for all players, even they don’t have much money to buy diamond.

Mobile Legends Hack Free Diamonds With Proof

Of course, you might be disappointed with the game currency and mechanic of the game since the more players pay, the more heroes and skins they have. This is one of the backgrounds why we use Mobile Legends hack free diamonds no survey in order to get rid the unfairness of the game. To convince you more, we provide some reasons why you need this hack.

Firstly, you shouldn’t win several matches to buy skins or heroes because you can easily add the diamonds or battlepoints for your account just in a second.

Secondly, you can rely on this hack because it doesn’t affect your account because we don’t need your password and username. You just need to enter your email, which is integrated with your account of Mobile Legends.

Thirdly, this hack tool doesn’t require any rooted or jailbreak-ed mobile phones. It does work for Android and iOs perfectly. As long as you can play Mobile Legends on your phone, you still have a chance to use this Mobile Legends hack free diamonds.

Mobile Legends Hack


Mobile Legends Hack Free Diamonds

Last but not least, you shouldn’t need to worry about the viruses, malwares, and surveys because we offer this hack for free to everyone who loves the game so badly.

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How to Use Mobile Legends Hack Tool 2018

Your account will never get the free diamonds and battle points if you don’t try this hack tool now. As a result, we provide the procedures to use the hack below.

  1. Make sure you have the game, which is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Download it from the app store of your mobile phone.
  2. Look for the download button somewhere in this article in order to visit the generator page.
  3. Put the blank box with your email connected with the account of Mobile Legends.
  4. Choose the platform that you have or use to play the game.
  5. Enter the number of game currency such as the diamonds and battle points.
  6. At last, you can now click the hack button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Your account will have the desired amount of the game currency as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In order to omit all of your questions about the Mobile Legends free diamonds, please read the FAQs about our hack below this paragraph.

What Should I Need to Use Mobile Legends Hack Tool?

You only need two things. The first one is the game itself. Follow the procedures that we provided above. The second one is the email that you use to play the game.

Why I Can’t Generate Free Diamonds?

There are several reasons that affect the following issue. But, the most common issue is our server gets overloaded since many players have visited our site at the same time. So, it is such a trouble maker of this issue. To solve it, you should reload the page and do the same procedures aforementioned above.

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Final Words

We just can’t play this game without using Mobile Legends hack. The game is super addictive, but it is also unfair at some points. Let’s just play with the gameplay. This hack can decide your current rank now. You should use the free diamonds and battle points wisely because not all players can use this hack since many users may overload the server.

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