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How to Use Lucky Patcher for in App Purchases Without Root 2018 – Do you look for the ways of how to use lucky patcher without root? This is a great chance for you because we are going to show you those ways in deep details. We also show you what the Lucky Patcher is here.  Android apps are just going crazy at the moment. The developers keep popping out many ads inside their apps. Of course, this problem annoys us as the users of the smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether you have iOs or Android operating system. The developers just keep silent about the complaints. That is why many hackers all over the world fight this issue to find out the best way to remove the ads. Ads refer to the advertisements, which usually appear while we are opening the app.

How to Use Lucky Patcher for in App Purchases Without Root

  • What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a tool that owns a main function to hack some games and apps in your Android. This app works perfectly in a smartphone with Android Operating System within. This app allows common people who don’t know coding knowledge to modify app permissions, block ads, backup apps, and many more. Yeah, this activity is actually a simple version of other superuser apps. It is designed for you who really want to access the smartphone system without learning the coding. How to Use Lucky Patcher without rooting your phone. Of course, it is like a fresh air for smartphone beginners who want to modify their phone in simple method.

How to use lucky patcher no root

How to use lucky patcher no root

In simple words, Lucky Patcher App might help you to understand what inside your smartphone and how to modify it through the system. Perhaps, the next benefit of this app is to access the phone without rooting the phone. Yeah, Android users may be so familiar with rooting things. It is like the door for them to access the system deeper than before. For your information, people are just sick with the time when they root their smartphones. With Lucky Patcher, rooting isn’t your enemy anymore because you shouldn’t do it anymore to modify your phone. However, some users of the app have some trouble in using Lucky Patcher for mobile legends hack. The issue moves out heart to make these following methods for you as beginner smartphone users.

  • How to Use Lucky Patcher

This is a list of procedure that you have to do from you find the apk and install it to your device. They are as follow:

  1. Please download the Lucky Patcher Apk file first for free here.
  2. Tap on the icon and install right the way.
  3. Modify or edit the system that you want to change.
  4. Then, you can remove the ads as well from some apps, which contain the ads entirely.
  5. That’s it. You are now able to use the app properly.

It is the instructions that you must do in order to download and install lucky patcher app. You install the app as well as you install other or common apps in your smartphone.

Benefits of Using Lucky Patcher App

Basically, you only have two benefits or advantages when you use Lucky Patcher. Check them all below:

  1. You can modify, edit, or change the system of the Android without learning about coding a program.
  2. There is no need to root your Android since the app allows you to access the system without limitations.

So far, we just get those benefits. If you try it, you will know other benefits of using lucky patcher app that you can obtain throughout the times.

  • Removing License Verification

Then, we try focusing on some important things that they are difficult for beginners. For example, removing license verification is pretty hard for new android users who just installed Lucky Patcher in their phone. So, here is it how to use Lucky Patcher in removing license verification as follow:

  1. Download official and original apps from the developers. It must also be APK files
  2. Open Lucky Patcher application
  3. Look for the name of the application of software that you are going to remove.
  4. Select “Remove License Verification”
  5. When you see Auto Mode option, tap on it
  6. Test the application with internet access;
  7. if it is failed, please tap another mode called Extreme Auto Mode
  8. Try it until you successfully register the program
  9. To return the application to its original state, you will need to tap “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.
  • Hack in App Purchases Without Root

Hack in app purchases without root sometime disturb us to see the app that we are playing or using at the moment. It is like an unnecessary thing for our smartphone. Did you know that we are able to remove it from our phone? Just use the Lucky Patcher and your phone will be friendlier than you have before. how to use Lucky Patcher  can be found here. Check the procedures below to Hack in app purchases without root.

  1. Open your downloaded and installed the app from the original source.
  2. Choose the name of the application that you want to Hack in app purchases without root
    • How to use lucky patcher

      How to use lucky patcher

  3. Select the option to remove Ads
  4. Select Patch to Hack in app purchases
    • Lucky Patcher Without Root

      Lucky Patcher Without Root

  5. Go to the menu or home and then open the app as well as the data connection
  6. If you found yourself with the ads, please choose disable ads activities and then you must select the ad activities and disable them all.
    • in app purchases hack

      in app purchases hack

  7. You can do the same thing to restore the app from latest version.
  • Custom Patch Feature

The next feature that you should test after installing and downloading is the Custom Patch. It means that you can change the patch or version of the games or applications in your smartphone. This is necessary when your phone can’t run the latest patch smoothly. Instead, you just roll it back by using lucky patcher game hack app. To do this, read these following instructions

  1. Select the application that you want to custom patch
  2. Tap on the Custom Patch mode on the main menu of Lucky Patcher.
  3. Test the application as well as your internet connection.
  4. Patch will work immediately.
  • Changing Permissions

Of course, you must change some permission when you hate an app in your Android smartphone. Changing permissions mean that you disable permission from an app that you don’t want to permit. You can do it easily through the Lucky Patcher. They are as follow:

  1. As usual, you must choose the name of the application before selecting change permissions on the Lucky Patcher.
  2. Tap to Permission for disable (red);
  3. Tap to Permission for enable (green);
  4. Select apply button and your phone will do rebooting.

Pros and Cons Using Lucky Patcher Without Root

It is like a dilemmatic position when you have to root Android device or not for knowing how to use Lucky Patcher without root. For beginners, we have some pros and cons that you must consider. Let’s start from the pros firstly.

  • Pros

  1. You can root your phone since there are so many unwanted system apps that can reduce or drain the battery, slow down the phone, drain your RAM, and many more.
  2. Rooting is also important when you want to install some applications that help your phone to increase the battery life such as Greenify. It is also good to remove unwanted apps that provide some unwanted ads.
  3. Custom roms rely on the rooted Android. Without rooting your device, you will never use a new rom for your phone. Some optimizations are also dependent on the rooted Android.
  4. Stock apps are just slowing down your phone. Root can be a perfect way to replace them all.
  • Cons

  1. Rooting is one of advance level in modding the phone. So, it isn’t recommended for beginners because the risk of bricking and bootlooping are so high. Bootloop means that your phone always restarts the operating sysem.
  2. Your data may be loss after doing the root.
  3. It needs much attention because a wrong step may affect the entire process.
  4. The warranty of your phone may be voided.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

As usual, you need some frequently ask questions in order to have better enlightenment and know how to use Lucky Patcher Without Root. Check them all one by one.

  • When Do I can download Lucky Patcher App?

You can download Lucky Patcher original app from the official webpage of Lucky Patcher. The latest version is recommended. We have put how to download and install Lucky Patcher in the beginning of the article. It is important to read the terms and conditions as well as these FAQs so that you can be ready to use it by yourself.

  • Is It Illegal to Use Lucky Patcher?

Since you can hack the games or apps from their developers, this activity may be illegal in some countries. Please don’t download the app if you don’t want to change or modify the application. Once again, some countries ban Lucky Patcher because it may be illegal there.

  • What Are Lucky Patcher Compatibility?

You shouldn’t aware about this because almost all apps and games are compatible with the app. Just check out the official webpage to see the list of games or apps. There are about thousands apps that you can modify with lucky patcher game hack app.

How to Use Lucky Patcher Without Root (Video Tutorial)

There are many benefits by knowing how to use Lucky Patcher. You have read them all in this article. However, you must be wise in using it since some countries treat Lucky Patcher process is an illegal activity. So, please don’t use it if you are afraid to harm the developers of the games and applications.

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