How to Get WiFi Password With Android Phone Without Root 2018

How to Hack WiFi Password With Android Phone Without Root 2018 – If you have a question of how to hack wifi password with android today, you will gain the real answer here. I am going to show you some ways to hack wifi passwords just by using your lovely Android. Yeah, android is the best thing that you can use to surf throughout the internet. Android is also one of the most favorite mobile phone operating systems these days. Its main competitors are iOs from Apple devices. But, I don’t want to talk about Apple in this article. I have many questions about hacking wifi password recently. The lucky is for us now because I found some ways and method for doing it below.

How to Hack WiFi Password With Android Phone

How to hack wifi password on android without root

How to hack wifi password on android without root

It is kind of weird when you ask about this question. But, I would answer it anyway since it may enlighten you and other people who want to know about it. The answer is really simple. It is because of internet. Internet becomes the most consumed thing all over the world right now. Humans and internet are like a truly best friend. They are inseparable each other.

I don’t know how it is when people can’t access internet for only a day in their modern lives. Of course, it may bring us to the Stone Age like a hundred decades ago. The internet can be accessed by some devices. One of the popular devices is WiFi.

  • Step 1: Download and Install the App

Basically, the term Wifi comes from wireless local area networking. It is actually a trademark of the Wifi Alliance. It replaces the use of internet wire or we know is as LAN. As long as it doesn’t have any wire, you can see the most benefits of Wifi surely. There are many devices that offer this technology such as mobile phone, PC, video-game console, televisions and many more.

Even some printers have this technology now. So, people just can’t let internet to pass the way since Wifi just supports us to connect every day. This reason is so reasonable. Moreover, the technology can’t be resisted anymore now.

  • Step 2: Find the Saved WiFi Passwords

For your information, not all Wifi is accessible by other internet users. Instead, the owner of Wifi usually sets a password. This is important in order to avoid any viruses or malwares easily come into the user or owner of the Wifi. A password also blocks other people who want to use the same Wifi connection. In other words, they can connect to the Wifi since they don’t have the password.

This issue just pops out some hackers who want to break the password and connect to the internet whenever they want sneakily and secretly. Because it is a secret one, the owner of the Wifi doesn’t realize that his Wifi is hacked. What makes it so much fun is that the hacker just does it from his Android phone. If you are tired with other fake hacking wifi password method, this article offers many ways that you can do it by yourself.

  • Types of Wifi Password Security

There are basically three types of wifi password security that we have known so far. In regard to the wifi password show, you must each type of the security so that you can do the best ways to hack it. The first type is called Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). This is the most common security type that you can find in modern Wifi device. Because of its popularity, it is so easy to hack it. By using some apps like Airmon tools and Aircrack, you can break up the Wifi password that you have found.

WiFi Password Hacker

WiFi Password Hacker

Since it is the easiest security protocol of Wifi, it is just like a piece of cake for them because WEP is the oldest password security, and there are many spots for them to come into the password. The reason is only one. It is because WEP has weaker encryption protocol. That is the point that you must know. For your information, WEP was founded in 1990. It isn’t a surprise why WEP can be reached easier than other methods.

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Best WiFi Password Hacker for Android

The second one is called Wi-fi Protected Access (WPA). As we know, this is the second version of WEP. In other words, the developer improves the security type efficiently. It was released in 2003. So, it is old now and hackers just grow rapidly. An American hacker was able to break the code of WPA so that he could know the password even from his Android smartphone.

After WPA, there was a security protocol for wifi called WPA II. Of course, it is the second version of WPA, which was launched in 2006. Wifi Protected Setup is the last type of Wifi. For now, this is the most difficult security type that can be hacked. The reason is that it is the newest one so that it requires high skills to break it up. Without further ado, let’s see how to hack wifi password with android below.


How to hack wifi password with android

How to hack wifi password with android

The first way is to hack the WIFI WPS WPA Tester App. First thing first, you need to root yo 456789-ur Android phone in order to unlock all systems of the Android. You can also install Cynanogen Rom performance in hacking the router. Then, you can prepare other apps like Bcmon and Reaver app. After all, you are ready to hack the wifi. Follow the instructions below.

  • Run Bcmon and then look for monitor mode in the app.
  • Launch Reaver app and confirm that you don’t use it for any illegal activity. Look for the APN or access point that you want to hack.
  • Check the Automatic Advanced setting.
  • It is time to crack the APN by selecting the start attack button. The maximum time you have to wait is ten hours.

AndroDumper App



The next method of wifi password hacker for android is by using an app called AndroDumper. The benefit of this app is not to root your Android smartphone at all. Of course, it is beneficial since you don’t have much time to root your phone. What you need to prepare is only the app. Let’s see the procedures below.

  • Download and install AndroDumper in your Android.
  • Launch the app after the installation.
  • Tap refresh button on the screen
  • There will be try connect option from the screen
  • The app will start the process to find the password as soon as possible.
  • It is important to follow the instructions above in order to get the best result. Bide your time because not all Wifi connection has a low security protection.

WPS Connect App

WPS Connect App

WPS Connect App

How to hack wifi password with android is easier when you use WPS Connect App. All you need to do is to download and install the app from the Google Play on your phone. This is the easiest way to hack the wifi. You shouldn’t need to follow any instruction because the app has user-friendly interface.

If everything just went wrong, you would need another method to wifi hacker password breaker. So, I prepared some best methods to do it below.

Hacking WiFi Password Methods

This is one of popular hack methods for beginner hackers like you. This method is easy to do because it works by using fake webpage. However, it seems irrelevant with our how to hack wifi password with android today. It suits for those who want to know the password of bank accounts, social media and others.

Brute Force Attack Method

Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack

The second method is called Brute Force Attack. It is also another popular hack method among hackers all over the world. It can also work for hacking wifi router. But, it takes much time to do it. Some hackers also claim that they need more than a week to find the password of a wifi connection. If you are patient enough, bruce force attack method may be your first try then.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Some questions pop out in regard to the how to hack wifi password with android. I just summarize them all below.

Why The Process is so long

Of course, hacking is one of difficult activities in the world. You must bide your time to do it. There is no hack tool that provides the shortest period to be successful. Even brute force attack method requires more than a week to decode a wifi connection. So, be patient to hack the wifi.

Why The App Doesn’t Work Sometimes

Once again, it is related to the first question. Many people use the same hack apk in this world. Even I can’t count how many of them out there. So, it is a common issue when it doesn’t work sometimes. What you are going to do is only to wait and repeat again and again until it work.


To conclude the how to hack wifi password on android without root, you msut learn the basic of hacking firstly. Hacking is a learning process. You need a process to gain what you want to get, including this activity. As a result don’t give up to try what you think it is the best for you.-

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